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Welcome to the 2nd Orpington Quartermasters Web site.

We are a small group of dedicated individuals whose thankless task is to maintain the equipment for the 2nd Orpington Scout Group; everything from a tent peg to a large marquee, a light bulb to the security system!

On these pages, you will find details and instructions for most of our equipment. Please note that we don't actually sell anything, so please don't waste your time by asking...

The members area of this site is restricted to members and friends of the 2nd Orpington Scout Group; if you feel you should have access to this area, please send a message via our Contact Page with your reasons.

If you find something on the site that does not look or work OK, please contact us using our Contact Page.

Please also visit our main 2nd Orpington Scout Group web site.

This is our part of our store and workshop:

                Equipment Store

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Thanks to Wheeler Systems Ltd for making this web space available to us. If you are interested in photos of the Orpington area, please look at http://www.wsn.co.uk/orpington



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